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Gender;god, Race;god, Date of Birth;true-0 Job;god/creator, Family; Father;Niu, Children,you and every one else, History; Well, she's god. She created the seven worlds, and everything there in. But contrary to popular beileve she did not create people, or any civilized race. Sure she made plants animals and ever other kind of life. but none of them were 'civilized'. That is untill Niu, who loved god totaly and completely, desided to offer a gift to god, by creating the 'first borns' people who lived for ever, for the porpose of studying and recording the worlds. God didn't trust these people, so she created Angels, who could fly, to watch over them, and make sure they didn't harm the worlds. For 1000s of years, they didn't. 10000 years after their creation, they compiled a great libray for god, whom they were created to worship. Around this time, god's first angel, asmodeus, under the control of Niu, atepted to unmake exsistance by destroying the plane of creation. What was Niu thinking, it loves god, way would it atempt to kill her? Simply, is is destroyed, then Niu and god would become one. Asmoseus failed, but managed to create a hole to nothingness to. Niu realized that if he ever was to suceed in creating nothing, he would first have to destroy all that god had created, the best way to do this is to create a distuctive species, that would not only whipe out it's self, but it's enviroment as well. Thus he created basic man. God desised to adopt these creators as her own. She had the first borns teach them, but their numbers swelled to swiftly for the first borns, who could not reproduce. Man used the great library to spread them selfs to every end of every worlds, and to them, it was a golden age of maniphesdestany. Niu was displeased at man's failure to destroy them selfs, so when asmodeus finaly fell into destruction, niu turned him into a devil. It sent him back to twist men into demons, and so he did. Since the devil had axsess to Dizreal, to city which was not only the center of the galactic empire, but also held the great library, he desided to attack, and then use diz to shift himself to empyreum, to destroy it. Again he failed, but it forced god, out of fear, to cut off diz to not only the devil, but also to the rest of humanity. This uterly destroyed the empire, and since no knowage was ever held outside of diz, with in a generation, man was lost, and had to rebuild their civilations, seperated from one another.

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