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Gender;male, Race;firstborn, Date of Birth;about 18000b.z.d. Job;exsplorer/writer, Family; brothers;every other firstborn History;As you can see, Etu looks like a gorilla, and in fact, besides a aposable thumb, and a bigger brain, he is. And so are all the firstborns. When Niu created them, he just improved apone a promant species that he found on one of god's many planets. It gathered up 1000 of these glorius beasts and send them out to compile a library for God. The firstborns truly admired God, for all she had done, not only creating the world, but, their base, as a animal. They worked none stop, day and night, exsploreing every plane and planet. And around the rock flow off of creation, the built their gift. They brought animals, plants, and specians of rocks, to fill a great museum. At first god didn't trust these people, but after the library was completed 10000 or so years later, she realized, they could be trusted, and Niu realized, after asmodeus failed him, that the first borns wern't going to serve it that way it wanted them to. So, he took his perfect design, of peaceful people, and evolved them, creating, Basic man, war hardy beasts, that had not only human desire, but anger, and rage. God saw that these recent creations were evil, and she told the firstborns to teach them the way of civilation. The humans exscepted this gradualy. With Etu as a great teacher and leader, they formed a celestial empire, and employed the humans to help them learn about the 99.99999% of the univerce they had not yet exsplored. For 1000s of years they had a great peaceful empire, but, the humans, who were very mortal, started to do more then repopulat, their numbers swelled faster then the firstborns could handle. One by one, the outer empires fell to the humans, who had killed the firstborn who was stationed to watch over them. So the first borns realized that asmodeus was behind this, and the last remaining empire, in dizreal, blocked the gates(plane shifting devices) and prepared for the impenting attack from below. Lucifer attacked. Valsavian, suffering major casualties in his men, fougt him back. God was scared that Lucifer might use Dizreal to attack the point of creation again. So, she suronded no only diz, but creation with a ocean of acidic water, known as Elsa. Valsavian saved the city from this flood, but he couldn't save his mind. He denounced god for trapping him here, as did most of the people od diz, but not the 50 remaining Firstborns. But soon the people revolted agaist them to, and a dark age fell apone the once peaceful city. Etu managed to save himself by stripping off his clothes, and hiding among the wwild beasts in dizreals museam of life. After that, he went into hiding, being that everyone thought they had all died, the never looked fo him, and soon the Firstborns were all forgotten, and there lifes work, burnt up by warring humans.

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