Ryan Reynolds-Stickney

I am primarily concerned with the story of the world of Ailuria and its history. I hope to finish it before it turns into something entirely unrecognizable and I have to start over; it changes with every line I write. Don't steal it, or I will bite you. It will hurt.... There are also the little side writings that go along with the main saga, as well as whatever kinds of fantastic nonsense I happen to write down. Enjoy. Update 4-26-04: It's finally happened to me. I swore it never would, but I'm glad it has.


The Epic

Uh, it was an assignment in Cambridge. It had to be 2000ish words long (it's 2016), have a character that went through some sort of self-discovery, be set in or about a town like Cambridge, and contain either the phrase 'The job sucks and the pay is crap' or the words 'Moby Dick.' Thus. I think it's actually kind of cute. ....

Legend of Aliah

A tribute to the Queen of Ice, part of the standard repertoire of any respectable Ailurian bard. Yes, my darlings, I have finally actually written music for it and will perform it on February 27th at my senior recital.


This is after the rest of the Saga. I have yet to fill in the blanks between the two.

Draco Urbanis

A were born in the wrong time, struggling with an adolescence no one should have to deal with.


My first sonnet, forgive the somewhat lacking lucidity near the end. Have fun...

The Pale Raven

A tribute to the quiet member of the Clarion Five. Also a standard rep for any respectable Ailurian bard. Updated to include Ailurian lyrics, though it's easier to just read the English all at once and then the Catian. To check translation, glossary is here. ...... .

I Didn't Say

A very strange love poem for a very strange love.

Just Another Sleeping Beauty

I dunno, is it too obvious? A challenge to use the words unicorn, blue, extravagant, window, and time.

Legend of Niara

This was apparently written by a slightly more reasonable and non-hyperbolic minstrel than the Legends for the other two. It's got a Call/Response format, and each stanza actually addresses a subject. However, some of the English and rhyme is a little stretched, because I was thinking in Catian concepts, and this one I drafted to translate. Now the translation is up, and you can check it here. .... .


The first line came to me while I was walking home from school on the most beautiful campus in the world...

Show at the Faire

A small royal castle-dweller has never seen or heard the magic of the Faire at night. .


Lil sketch of Sam at the time of 'Rarae', possibly to be included in the larger story.


So far it's more of a character study/atmosphere/exposition exercise... One of its characters' rl base told me it's the best story about nothing he's ever read. I may give it a plot, soon enough, but till then it's just messing around with antiallegorical names and situations.

The Beginning

One of the more ridiculous creation myths that the rustics of the Servalan meadows recently invented and spread as truth. Original (and generally accepted) creation myth coming soon.

Horus & Seth

or 'The White Crown'. Adapted from 'Horus and Seth' P. Chester Beatty. I Recto, papyrus from the reign of Ramses V, from Thebes, translations J. Capart, Brunner-Traut, E. F. Wente, J. Spiegel. In other words, I did not make this up. I'm creative, but not that creative. This is perhaps the most awkward and cumbersome butchery of the English language I've ever written, but it needed to be done, after I read the real myth in Egyptology, though I'd heard bits of it first from Silvestris. ... .

Starbirds Opera

I'm writing an opera which some people at school will help me set up and perform, if I ever finish the music to it. The score is still in pieces, but it's progressing, and I have Khira's Lament, The retinue's exhortation, the farewell duet, Beobe/Avira comm spell, and Chondris/Vuesu theme down on manuscript paper. Yay for me.