Agnieszka Czerwinska

Hello!I'm 24 years old environmental engineer from Poland. My works are inspired on fantasy, from books to Role Playing Games. Unfortunately I can't draw so what I do is changing reality. I like taking photos and editing them but I'm not professional, it's only a hobby. My dream is to improve my skills in that matter, maybe some day it would fulfil.  All of my photos where edited in Gimp.In a free time I play RPG and grumble. I'm grumbling to my husband and friends that they could draw some of my RPG characters ;) I have a little success, you can find some of my characters on elfwood.My husband's gallery:Michal 'Szuvar' CzerwinskiMy friends' galleries: Joanna 'Vi' WasilewskaMagdalena 'Sha' Zagorna