UPDATE!!!Mae Govannen, Mellon it's been awhile since i've updated my little part of the Wood! you can find me at deviantART under the username Saphari, as i do most of my updates there; i love Elfwood and always will, but i have SOOOOOOOOO much art to post and the restriction of 25 for fanart and 100 for fantasy/sci-fi, plus the waiting for tickets to be approved is a hassle that i don't have to worry about at deviantART. i will update here every now and then, but if you want to see more head to deviantART and look up Saphari!Namarië Mae Govannen, Mellon. (Well met, friend.) Greetings, and welcome to my part of 'the Wood.' I'm 20 years old and as stated before, I am a Tolkien addict! 'It is precious to me...' 'My Prrreciioussssss...' Oh, hi again! I was in a trance there for a minute! Let's see, what to tell about myself... Favorite books:Harry Potter (but then, so is almost everyone in Elfwood!)Lord of the Rings (my other bible! Yes, I want to shout to the world loud and proud: I AM A RINGER!!!).The Silmarillion Unfinished Tales (I'm in the middle of reading it!)The HobbitThe White StagThe Dark Is Rising series (Susan Cooper is a genius!)The Phantom of the OperaThe Crystal CaveSister Light, Sister Dark by Jane YolenThe Dragon series by Jane YolenFavorite movies:Lord of the Rings trilogy (Peter Jackson is a GENIUS! I AM NOT WORTHY!!!)Harry PotterLabyrinthThe Dark CrystalWillowStar WarsX-MenThe Matrix TrilogyA few things I would like to say at this point. I will not tolerate rude comments. I do not see the need nor have the time and energy to answer rude people who chose to use the comment board for their filthy mouths. You will NOT see anything profane in my art because I am not like that. I am a Latter-Day Saint (For those of you not familiar with that term, I am a Mormon.)and I have my standards to defend. Now that I got religion out of the way, I have these words to say: Feel free to browse my gallery. I will eventually set up a Fanquarter gallery soon. Let me now what you think of my art (be gentle!) I hope you enjoy my corner of the 'Wood.' Namarie. UPDATED: Maees govannen, mellon. As you will see, I have added a few more pics. These are ones that did not get through the last time due to picture quality. I have since enhanced them and rescaned them. I hope you enjoy.Namarie.