sarah-amy haley

Hello ;)First let me introduce you to my comment begging bowl '---____---' (hint, hint, hint -sorry.)Now for me...I'm 17 and from cloudy England - people seem to have a problem with the weather, don't know why - personally I'm very fond of rainydays!? I write. Mainly poems and short stories, I do have longer ones in my head, they just don't want to be written. I also like drawing s-l-o-w-l-y and playing the saxaphone, badly. Favourite movies Harry Potter films, Peter Pan/Hook, Dr Who, Tourchwood, Men in Black, Lord of the Rings, stardust and Narnia tLtW&tW - the one that was made for T.V, I LOVED that when I was little! Favourite books * The Harry Potter series - which I get WAY too excited about! * Terry Pratchett's Discworld, at the moment I really like the witches' stories. * Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams - very funny book. * Alison Croggon's Pellinor series, eagerly awaiting the last one. * Reading - and very much enjoying The Princess Bride. * 1984, very recommended... Favourite music It is becomeing apparent that I am quite a big Boomtown Rats fan, they're just so very catchy... Also American Pie by Don McLean is one of my favourite songs, so beautiful - 8 minutes yet never boring - true greatness! * I also love Queen, REM, Katie Melua (sp?), things they play on Virgin Radio, random jazzy things... and the rare few things I can actually play myself - not many!

What to Get the Fairytale Princess With Everything

You would expect the fairytale princess lifestyle - constantly being lavished with gifts, having your every whim tended to - could easily lead to bratish behaviour…You would be right…

Immortal Truth

This tells of the torment of the Angel of Truth as she is imprisoned and tortured by 'The Lie's' demons.


Would heaven allow sinners, for the sake of love? Something I sometimes wonder...


A Haiku. I wrote this when I was feeling really peaceful and happy ~ Then realised the syllables were all wrong. Think I've sorted it now though!?

Part 0 - Somewhere in the middle...ish

I can't really call this a prologue because as the title suggests it takes place somewhere roughly in the middle of the story - well, probly closer to the end actually, but either way, this bit does come first. It's set in a different unfinished world, where the natural things that usually occur in our world have to be controlled by people... this is the story I've had most fun thinking things up for, even if I haven't writen it yet, and definatly plan to continue when I have time! I really want to get this one right because it actually has a point (!) so constructive criticism would as always be nice... and yes, the ferret talks ... :~]

Prologue - Born Of Death

This is the start of a story I've been planning since I was 13. The characters and actual story has changed sooooo much since then that all that's really the same is the name of the world - Ferrathist. Anyway, the prologue is set along long time (several hundred years) before the rest of the story, at this time the world is being brutally repressed by the mages. There is one way to save the future - but in such a desperate situation it's hard for people to trust, or act in anyway other than for themself and there own. The prolouge is potentially quite depressing, so... you're warned...any feed back would be welcomed, I have been told it's a bit wordy so I might takle that at some point. Other chapters might hopefully appear in time, but that time could very well be a very long way away ~ =p... i Am LaZy!!!... =]


He didn't begin the downfall. It wasn't his fault...


I wrote this under strict orders from a friend quite late at night and have not decided if it should stand alone or be continued. Any comments would be greatly appreciated, Cheers!

Counselling Service For The Undead

A story I made up during my art GCSE to stop me going stark crazy - it didn’t work : ) One take on the undead. ~ Please note I do not mean any disrespect to the undead, or psychiatrist. ~ Any comments to help me improve with dialogue will be welcomed with chocolate cookies because a desperately need them! Now enjoy! … And SMILE.

Broken Wings

Never underestimate how difficult it is to put the right amount of detail into a monoluge - when somebody works it out please tell me! The heavy use of (…) is supposed to show non fluency in the speech, I know there is a lot, but they are necessary, I think… ~ ;- )

Death's Folly

Even Death has his weaknesses. Well, the content might not be very cheerful, but I still think this one has a rather jolly feel.

The Foul Fate of Finn the Fae

A daft poem :) Fun to write though!

The Lost Dance

There is only one bond between the humans and the fairies, and she's not too happy about it.

Dryad and Naiad

The things they envy of each other are those which they want to escape. ~ Hm, does that make sense?

Morphas-Nor: Chapter 1

Morphas-Nor, the home of the Magic, erupts one night, releasing it's curse over the lands. Looks so much better in my head. Never mind.

Morphas-Nor: Chapter 2

Caden's worried about his missing sister and realises he's made a deadly mistake. I know it short, very, very short. It's not my fault. I'm lazy, :)

Gift Of Tears

This is my attempt at the Inkwell Artsans project 4 (run by Lindsay Verde), which was focused on liquid. The rhyming is a little random - which I found surprisingly difficult to do - so any comments would be really, REALLY appreciated, thanks. : )

Inspiration And The Imp

How often have you had an idea, a specific feeling you wanted to capture in writing, but no matter how you try it won't mould into the right words. And you can still see the idea, that tiny glimmer of inspiration glaring in the distance, but as much as you strain, it's just (only just(tantalisingly close infact but still just)) out of reach... Ahh, that feeling's so familiar to me...