Sarah Job

I cannot remember a time when I was not interested in art. My mother saved many a drawing from my early years and I personally have so many old sketchbooks filled with drawings and paintings that I cannot count them all. I grew up in Europe for about half of my childhood due to my father being in the military and as such I was introduced to the Masters of European art at an early age. However, it was the summer that I was nineteen that I discovered my love of watercolors. I had tried them before that time but I had not understood the properties of it until that point. Suddenly, it just clicked for me. I still had a lot to learn about art but I knew that I could do this for a living because I was working on a painting from the time I woke up until late in the night without a hint of boredom. I decided to pursue my dream of being an artist at the higher levels of education and attended the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma to obtain my Bachelor’s of Fine Art Degree in Art with an emphasis in Painting in 2013. I now work to make professional fine art as well as using my hard-earned skills and knowledge to teach others how to make their own art as a private art tutor. You might wonder why I call myself the Blind Eye Artist. The answer is that I am blind in my left eye due to reasons that are still mysterious to me to this day. I don’t know why my retina fell and caused me to need six eye surgeries but it happened. At first I did not realize that I would forever be legally blind in that eye. I was led to believe that surgery would probably fix the issue. I soon came to know after the third surgery that complications with my healing process would leave me permanently blind. I was devastated. Yet I have come to accept it and it has strengthened me in ways I could never have imagined. I resolved that I would be an artist no matter what. I would be a blind painter even if I lost sight in my right eye. I would be successful. If I could live through five years of false hope, pain, and hurt, I could make it through anything. I even painted while I was in the hospital healing from my surgeries. I am strong. I’m a survivor. I will create beauty to replace the ugly of life. There is a reason this happened to me and I need to share how I see the world with the world. Art is that outlet.