Sarah Mertens

Hmmm, what's there to say 'bout me? I'm just a girl who's still looking for her place in this mad world. I like stuff like:Manga,(Hello Kitty!, the Sailor Moon comics), horror & fantasy movies and books,... My favorite artist is Aaliyah (RIP Baby Girl) I know I don't draw as well as others here in the woods, but I draw when I feel bad,so I don't realy spend alot of time on the details. So be nice to me!!!! Not every one can be good at everything. Some people say that I'm weird...maybe they're right? But the ones who realy know me know who I am. I hate it when people judge me before they know me. Here's a link to "Something-Wild"'s gallery page.He's not an elfwood member but he's very talented and he did some *great* pictures of me. (The cold deep and Lycaeonia Curse) So please visit him!  He's awesome!  ^-^