Ahah!! You've stumbled upon my Fanart gallery, lucky you. Well, what else to say? Visit my Lothlórien gallery too, I have a more complete bio there. I hope you enjoy yourself here / there! Update: Cleaned out my pics a good deal - 3 new additions and I cleaned out a few old ones that I cared not for anymore. New Images: • Frodo Baggins• A Lesson I Don't Care to Learn• Aisha Clan-ClanIf you have time, please visit these exceptional artists of Elfwood - Adele Sessler Hian H. Rodrigues, Utakata Hou Jyou, Tracey J. Butler, Sarah E. Gross, S. 'Silvestris' Strand, Lucy 'Niahm' Wade, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law