my name is sarah and im now 17 years oldIm a very  creative person  and i like to try new things for e.g. iv started making dragon ornaments (i dont make them for any shop or any thing im just make them for fun) I also love to do crafts like making cards,dream catchers,ornaments. I love to draw I've been into drawing since i was small. I draw cartoons of dragons, cats, dogs, people and birds and i also like to draw my favorate game charaters (mostly  from final fantasy) and movie characters. What inspires me? my dreams they give me ideas for new drawings. i have been off for a long time and have new dragons to scan and load to the site.. :) i have greatly improved and some changes have been made to my dragons as you will see later I like art games animals fantasy magic books Favourite movies move howls moving castle and spirited away! they rock Favourite books doom spell books and goldem compas books i sooo want to se the movie ;) Favourite music any kinda depends on my mood realy but iv been listing to dragon force lately