I'm an 18-year-old student from England, greatest country on earth! Except Canada, and maybe Japan... and should I say British Isles so it includes Ireland, Scotland and Wales which are also great? Anyway! I like many many cartoons, anime and manga, classic comics (DC, Marvel etc.), reading (mostly fantasy), and Ballet, so don't knock Ballet anywhere on this gallery! Ballet rocks! If you comment, please use good english, that means don't abbreviate words to numbers, or use things like 'ppl'. And please read the descriptions if you're going to comment... because direct misinterpretations are really irritating. Update: yet more older pictures (and a couple of new ones) deleted, and a few much newer pictures added. I like Reading (especially Chris Wooding), art, ballet... recently I've got really into modern history (I used to be into anyhting before the Victorian era). Favourite movies I adore The Dark Crystal and Dune, along with cute fantasy anime like Kiki's Delivery Service. My favourite fantasy television programme is definitely Supernatural though. Favourite books Poison, The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray, the braided path trilogy, the Spiderwick Chronicles... too many to list really. Favourite music film scores, I love them. I also love Debussy and Elgar.