Sarah Gross

Welcome to my little section of FanQuarter. Well, not as much here as in my Lothlorien gallery, but I'm here none the less! Most of this is images of other people's characters from around the net; and not as much fan art from actual published works, but a little. Take a look around and tell me if you see anything you like. ^_^ Oh wait, I'm supposed to put information about myself here, huh, well then... I love drawing, playing video games, watching anime, reading manga, and role-playing. Thus my four favorite things. This will be demonstrated in my art, the anime influence especially is rather hard to miss. ^_^ I have always been a great lover of dragons, they adorn my home and myself in every way possible. Thus, my common handle online is ‘Dragoness.’ If you want to see more of my art, check out my home page. Note: No, I do not take requests. Please don't e-mail me asking about this. Yes, I do take commissions, but only under certain circumstances. Please go to my homepage for more information on that. Thinking about E-mailing me? PLEASE read the FAQ on my website first!!! All the common questions are answered there. I swear the majority of people don't bother reading it. If I get an e-mail covering any of those topics, I won't reply! Going to ask me if you can use my art somewhere? DEFIANTLY read the FAQ FIRST!!