Sarah Larson

So... I finally decided to update this.. I am not sure if I am going to keep elfwood. Life has been going on... So for the moment.. I am taking a break.. I have been drawing, painting and writing but I am also going to college, dealing with my little bundle of joy and life.. So as of this moment I am taking a break from updating this. I hope to update it soon though. My boyfriend will probably push me to update this   =P ----UPDATED  DECEMBER 27, 2006----

Oceans Of Blue Sky's

I did this one just resently (4/5/01) I have no idea what inspired me to draw it but it just came into my mind. For some reason... This one is my favorite.

Ending It All

I made this poem when I was depressed during the summer...

Shi-Ann and The Princess Of The Past

a girl from 2000 having visions of the princess she once protected and the power from 1365 (forgive me ahead of time... I forgot to spell cheak it >.<)

The Reckless Rebel's

This poem is for the Reckless Rebel's Group. The Rebel God wanted me to write a poem about us so I did, it took 3 trys but within 15 minutes we had it done perfectly.


a poem about abuse...

True Story

A true story about my friends and I starting about Sept. 1 2000; there is still a lot of work that needs to be done and that needs to be put in.


So... I like writing poems... I have over 23 poems total... {over}

Don't Give Up

It's actually the first poem I have ever written. I don't know really how to put a poem in so I thought here is best :)

Un Named

A day... No more gods, all that has once been will not be anymore. A child, born of the first, good and evil; thought to protect the world faiding into the once darkness in which it came. A girl, setting out to stop this distrution.

The Circle

it is about The Wiccan Circle of my brothers

Um Love

I can not explain this one. I know I do not feel this. Hmmm. I don't know.


a short poem about vampires I wrote for some friends


Sand....umm...I don't know how to explain this one.