Sarah Johanesen

Raised on a healthy diet of historical drama, superhero adventures and far too much television, Sarah Johanesen grew up to become a creative – if rather indecisive individual. In her teen years she developed a love for Fantasy Art, James Bond and Anita Blake – a fatal combination which this only encouraged her delusions of becoming a world-renowned illustrator or best-selling author. Alas, fame and fortune have yet to find her, and so she continues to dabble for her own delights!You may find some of the art on this site is available to purchase as greeting cards or other merchandise on my Zazzle account. I also have a web-site, Splatter Ink, where you can find more original works which aren't in the fantasy genre.Constructive criticism is always welcome.Once upon a time I did have an Elfwood account, sadly the log-in went a bit hay-wire when they changed how the galleries were organised, so… here we go again!