Update Oct 9, 2003 I've added some more of my recent work and would like to stress to anyone who might feel inclined to take these images for personal use that they are copyrighted not only to me, but also to the companies that paid me for them! As such they may NOT be used without express permission! Update July 21, 2003 I've just gone through and 'purged' my gallery of a lot of my doodles, sketches and other substandard work. I figure since I am now officially a 'published illustrator' (yay!), that my gallery should reflect more a professional level of quality. I've also opened up a Cafe Press Shop and would be most delighted if you'd stop by for a visit and buy some of the nifty merchandise I have for sale there. A search for the store name 'ArtShoppe' will take you to my store. And, if you see something in my gallery that you'd like me to make available for sale, please send me an e-mail and I'll see about having it put in my shop. Thanks for stopping by and please check out some of my Elfwood Friends: Mike Edge Carlee Wiemer Rachel Anderson Kimberly Platt