Sarah Taylor

*licks everyone* You are all magical and happy. :) I'm sorry if I don't reply soon/at all, but I'm really busy a lot of the time...x.x; I try my hardest to reply, but I generally am quickest to reply to critiques/hints/tips. :) In depth compliments are nice in you actually say what you like. ;D So yah. About me? I'm 16 and am a storm dragon. See me? I'm the black one w/rainbowliscious stripes :D Jahjah. If you want to contact me about trades/commissions, my SN is up here and I try to login a lot. E-mail me for a definate reply within 24 hours. But be forewarned: I work -very- slowly. I also do not do prints. So yeah. ^^ That's about it! PS: MUAH