Sarah Zagacki

if you want to see a more creative bio, see my LJ, heh. I definitely enjoy LOTR... I update rather slowly because I am so busy... and unfortunately fantasy art is on the bottom of my art to-do list. -_- I do really love it though, and I try to put time and energy into it when I can. What else to say... I love frozen yogurt, raspberries, strawberries with cream (and Sam!), pineapple... hmm... I love blankets... my puppy... Nightmare Before Christmas (named my dog Sally and made my own Sally costume for Halloween), Shrek, Pirates (who doesn't?)... I like Harry Potter and Invader Zim... I like beaches, rain, movies and music... I enjoy being camera happy and I like hammocks, I collect t-shirts, aaand that is enough random trivia for now. *matter-of-factly* I also enjoy playing rock-paper-scissors with fairies and eating cake with hobbits. IM me if you feel so inclined, I like to make friends. ^_^ Elen sila omentilmo, Rah