Sasha Kansons

Time to revamp this bad baby! Along with the addition of a real picture. (In case you couldn't tell, I love snakes.) Anyways, not much to say about m'self. I'm a writer first and artist second, and I've not had an actual art class since... oh... 7th grade. I'm a senior in high school and planning to major in Biology/Zoology, as well as minoring in French at Shepherd College in WV. Most of my art features creatures that are not human nor humanoid; I try to give a brief description of my species (and worlds) or link an info page in the picture's descrip. I really love comments, even though I rarely get them, and I can guarantee you that I'll visit my commenteers' galleries (if they have them) and comment as well. ^_^ It's a cookie-for-a-cookie policy.Kaitlyn 'Kitty' Myers is my best friend, my soul-sister, and an amateur artist like m'self. She's getting quite good at anime, and she has the same weird-species obsession that I do. ^_^Madeleine 'Kain' Rose Sparling-Sedlak is one of my role-players and a good 'net friend. Her dragons and furries are freakishly awesome, and she has such talent with no color involved that it's amazing.Erika 'Elley' Lake draws fishlips! =@_@= Erm, inside joke. ^_^;; El is another of my RPers/friends and is definitely good at horses, not to mention her own little species of dragon-cats or 'drats'. They're so cute. ^_^Updates - Added You Gave Me Wings, a picture for Mother's Day.