Sachi, White Wolf

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Sasha Kansons

Now, I just bet you're looking at Sachi and thinking, 'Dude, she isn't a wolf.' Oh but she is. She's a Wolf Shifter. (Not a werewolf. Wolf Shifter. Difference here.) I've started a little online series featuring her and some friends, located here. Info on her race is there too, but for your convenience I'll sum up - Shifters (be they Cat or Wolf) have three forms: a huge version of their natural body (Wolf/Cat form), a mix much resembling your typical were (middle form), and a human form with only the senses and the tail retained from their other forms. (Quel pointed out that my Shifters are much like the weres in White Wolf games, but uhm... I've never played nor read about those. Forgive the coincidence.) So this is Sachi in human form, with her spear.Now that the little lecture is done, let me continue. Just kill her left hand. It's horrible. I zoned out when inking it and totally screwed it up. Just pretend it's not even there, okay? I don't really like her right hand either, but at least that one isn't grotesquely deformed. Oh, and her tail is actually white, but... can't shade white with white. Speaking of shading, we have the usual lightsource - The Sun. Bwah. And, uhm, I shaded her chest wrong. (Unless of course she has no bra... let's not go there.) Tips on shading her chest are welcome, 'cause I'm dense. Don't yell at me about the spear, mandangyou, it's CORRECT. It's how they make them. So nyeh! XD! And now for the good points! OMFG, I love her hair. I want her hair. (Wait... I *have* her hair... nevermind.) The spear's coloring kicks. For some reason I love it. Camoflauge! BOOYAH! Oh, and I WANT HER CLOTHES. Look how silky and shiny and mmm comfy. *dodges thrown objects* Hey, gimme a break! She's the first good human...ish... that I've ever drawn! *sticks tongue out... then hides* Oh, and comment. Yeah. XD!!

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