Fred Jones

*Testing, Testing. One two, one two*  Is it on? The little red light's blinking...                                            Hiya! I'm Fred, and this is my mini tree in the forest of Elfwood :)! Thanks for visiting my gallery - have a cookie! *Hands over cookie* Drawing is a thing that I love to do (I write as well but haven't got a Wyvern's Library alias yet). I like drawing faerie type things, dragons, griffins, mythical creatures generally, etc. I generally use pencil and colour pencils to draw with, as I am RUBBISH at photoshop. I want to get my hands on some proper computer drawing programs, but in the meantime... As you will see if you browse my pics (please do!) pretty much all of my characters have a story behind them. I'm a total daydreamer; I'll be walking along happily and then just  - uh, sorry, what was I saying?   Please comment on my pictures and suggest ways I can improve or what you like or whatever. See ya!  

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