Jade Dunlap

Hi! I'm Sas, and as my short bio says, I'm an artistic drama geek. I mean, all that can be said about me, is right there. I LOVE acting and Role Playing, writing, and drawing. Writing was my first foot into the world of art. I wrote a lot of poetry, just to express myself. Had noone to listen to me, and it was my excape. My message in a bottle. Drawing came later, which then became my other means of excape. I stared drawing when I was about 15, maybe 16 years old, and YES, I will admit that I used to be a tracer. Teehee. ~*~*~*~ I used to idolize this site, when my ex had introduced me to some of the images here. I could find just about anything I wanted. And... Aside from being MSpaint done (My comp is old and can't handle Photoshop... Not even the gimp), I think I may have finaly come far enough, in my own opinion, to put some of my work up with the best of them. *salutes and then vanishes into thin air, leaving behind a mist of a black shimmery substance*