Hello there! Welcome to my tiny corner of Elfwood. If you haven't notice by means of the letters above, my name is A. Cummings and the nickname is Kohana. It still is Sakura, for those who go a bit back with, but Kohana is not as easily associated with Card Captors (*angry cough*). It is one of many, and generally and very easy one to remember beside the name 'Bob.' My name is Angela, and therfore I am expected to be a female. Which I am. Surprising huh? Ummmm, let's see; I really love anime a lot. I own only two DVDs, but many tapes! ^_^;; Let's see, I like basically all the gundams, except Mobile Suit Gundam (maybe its the hairstyles), love Cowboy Bebop, enjoy Dragonball Z, like the styles of Escaflowne: The Movie, Digimon's colorfulness, and all kinds of different things. Hey, maybe I'll make some site of it.... (And for those of you who know me a little better than the average page viewer, please try to contain the hysterical laughter.) Food: Macaroni & Cheese -- Music: Classical, Alternative, Foreign, New Age, Heavy Metal, R&B -- Groups/Artists: Aaliyah, Linkin Park, Utada Hikaru, Micheal Jackson, The Neptunes, System of a Down -- Favorite Movies: Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, Cirque du Soleil Performances, Escaflowne The Movie: A Girl in Gaea, etc. -- Favorite Animes: Gundam Wing, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam: 08th MS Team, (Kinda like) Sailor Moon, Witch Hunter Robin, Trigun, Dragonball Z, and some others I'm too lazy to name.... As for my art, it is very experimental and unstable. What you see here are things I tried out and thought looked decent. -Grabs her giant broom. Smacks a paragraph or two off her profile. Steps back and tilts her head. Smacks away some more and smiles with satisfaction.- Visit these people, they're cool! Erin Nagy - Creator of my bishounen lover, Magnus, I vow to have his love child one day. -Ahem- Yea, and there are other characters, maybe just as cool. Maybe. Rosalie Meli 'Setsuna' Tam - Big sis! This is my big sister in sky blue. She has great drawings and is really gifted with colored pencils. Coolest mermaids too! Samuel C. Deats - Heros and worlds you wouldn't believe, Sammy-sensei is a great artist who helped me learn photoshop. Dej D. Jacobs (Raptor Sigh) - Home of Iirond, my favorite, and creatures you either want to hug or run fast and far from. Kayla 'Mocha' Casper and her penguins - Coffee Queen and penguin lover alike, she and Dej inspire each other's work, and it shows. Her fairies are cute! Kevin Domangue Skim A LaBroad J. K. Li Jennifer Lynn Harvey Andy 'Mainiax' Yuan Judith Mayr Jessica M. Douglas Latest Updates~! (Currently) Sadly, I must inform you that I have rather lost my original love for Elfwood; not for its inhabitants, because they are/were darlings, but Elfwood as a whole. The changes brought about aren't the most favorable to me and... Frankly, I liked the more colorful site scheme from before. But overall, it has to do with how I have aged to the ripe old age of sixteen and noticed that my (few) talents would best be focused on other things. As for what I leave behind... I've deleted the lesser visited pictures because there's no need for them to just hang around (most are sketches anyway). I'm sorry to my old friends, and possible new ones -- I hope to see you all soon. Be good! You can find me at deviantArt now... Don't know about finding art there, but you can find me. XD My site is