Jagaast Iz'meryl Kanan

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The Bladesinger Maeglin's Twin Brother, Jagaast was always a little on the more scholarly side, never excelling much at feats of strength and stamina, but always being a keen linguist and having a mind that baffled his father Gilthanas at an early age. He was scarred at a young age due to mistreatment by a party of Ogre Brigands. Beginning his career as an invoker, disaster struck him when the party was exiled from Krynn to the planes. Constantly forced to deal with threat after extraplanar threat, a visit to Carcerii proved t be disasterous for the young mage. He contracted a strain of the 'Conjuritis' virus, and found himself unable to cast his spells, slowly losing his magical adeptiude with each passing day, and a hideous flu that stole the rest of his strength. After being left behind several times due to severe illness, to rest and recuperate, Jagaast was quite galled, his podigous pride wounded and his anger was great. He struck a pact with a disembodied spirit, to increase his skills in one school of Magic a thousandfold, so he could at least touch the power he once wielded as a virtuoso, as skillfully as an artist with a paintbrush. The entity revealed himself to be the Oeridian Demilich gone planar, Acererak. Jagaast became the first elven necromancer to be seen in quite some time on the land of Faerun, and this drove him quite mad for a time. Collecting his wits and sanity back together at a painstakingly slow pace, he formed a new band of adventurers to travel back to Oerth and destroy the lich, returning alone in triumph to his family and friends. Jagaast hates the sick and twisted power he wields, for he can taste the taint upon it. However, power is power, and he accepts these dark gifts to turn them back on their sources of origin, and thus earns himself the title 'Lichslayer', as he bides his time and makes plans with his brother to return to Krynn. His health shattered, he is intent that 'Someone, be they man, dragon or undead, is certaintly going to pay for this'. I tried to make Jagaast's features more pinched and drawn than Maeglin's, using the same head and basic build. The inspiration for the piece is kind of a mix between Raistlin Majere from Dragonlance and Elric of Melnibone, as I tried to make him very pale in complexion. However, it came out a more tannish yellow color. Dark and brooding, he looks like he could be smirking bitterly at the gates to a massive army of undead fom the Negative Elemental Plane, the place where such necromantic energies originate. The Scar and Magical Aura on the skull have been updated, and the lighting of this picture has been fleshed out a little more as well

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