Rohan Mauryin Valar

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The original, horrendous photo-chop job has been replaced. The fruits of the original labor may be hacked apart and reviewed for the new montage that will be 'Reforging the Rajna'. This photo was taken by my good friend Alex Shields, and I think the pose and backdrop better captures the essence of the character. I may still be printing it out and drawing over it, as I intended to do with the original. I'm personally still thinking twice about that. Clearly the background around the wicker chair needs to be changed or enhanced. Depicted here is Rohan Mauryin-Daikini Valar, formerly of the Avalonian (read Romani) gypsy tribes. A vagabond and scoundrel . . .a rogue at heart if not by calling, and a warrior with pizazz. This is a man who has suffered much, and has learned that all things are fleeting, and that one must grab life by the tusks and squeeze the enjoyment out of it like an orange. He can be an extremist, but is mostly a reactionary one . . responding to stimuli as he recieves it. A man of extreme measures, and grim repayment to those who wrong the innocent or weak. He suffered many trials and tribulations, and has a long way to go yet, but during the course of his life he changed and grew, eventually from a young brigand into a leader of men, if not the prophesized leader others thought him to be. Now acting as a Ghur-Khan, Over-general and military advisor to the true leader of the Khalwa Tribes, the Scion of House Mauryin will not see his people butchered or falter again. If he was to be a character out of the Moorcock universe . . . I would very much liken him to a fusion of Moonglum of Elwher and Jary A. Connel. Others have likened him to Rhodar 'Silk' of Drasnia from David Eddings' Belgariad, or Matt Cauthon from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Personally, one of the largest unintentional inspirations for this character came from Khazander, of Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince Series. It could be said I got the name from the protagonist of those books (Not Tolkien!!!!!) but the fact of the matter is, it is a Sanskrit word meaning 'Ascension', and in addition, is the name of my Nephew.

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