Zealot's Delight

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S@v@n Gupta

Pictured here is Vykos Mordent, high Inquisitor of the Church of Takhisis as the Knights left Krynn following the second Cataclysm, and eventually arrived on Faerun, in Torilspace. An unrepentant Zealot, this mad egomaniac will stop at NOTHING to increase his standing in the eyes of his Goddess. Raised by a Venerable Blue Dragon named Azure, this Baatezu bloodline Tiefling's crimes include a systematic purge of Palanthas' Thieves' guild, iron-fisted butchery, brainwashing, forced conversions and spreading of plague, torture and warfare on a previously unprecedented scale. A member of the Harmonium, and Cecil's strong right hand. In fact, that indeed is his worst crime, as they met much earlier . . the corruption and decadent subversion of an Aasimar Paladin, a being destined for enlightened greatness, into the dark folds of an even Darker Queen's Grand Design. Founder of the Mordentguard, an elite Crimson Guard-inspired faction intent on zealously keeping the Knights Pure and Focused on the object of their obsession, the Dark Queen's Favor. I thought to myself alot about Warhammer Chaos figures, and the God Turok from Eddings' Belgariad series in the designing of this peice. A composite piece that is altering and changing drastically as I go. Updates imminent.

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Category Horror

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