Charlotte Johnson

 Hello,  my name is Charlotte and I live in Madison Wisconsin.  I have been a doll maker for over 35 years.  It all started when I went away to college and wanted a set of rag dolls for my dorm room., so I made them myself.  Friends and family saw the dolls and started requesting dolls and that was my doll making beginings.  Through the years I have developed my dolls in to what you see now.  My favorite medium to work in is cloth, but I also use polymer clay to create some of my dolls.  By the way, I am also a lampwork artist as well.  I do love making glass and and jewelry, glass beads etc, but doll making is my passion.  I do love creating faries and I have posted some of my work here.  I like I love the theatre, music, concerts, and of course doll creating. Favourite music Celtic, New Age, Classic Rock, Classical, some country.