Scarper Shone

Hi everyone! All my stories are up under the user ID jalla. My friend and I are writing a story. Also, (if I ever get around to it) you'll be able to read little snippits of whatever story happens to -magicly- appear in my mind. Here, you'll see pictures I took that can relate to fantasy in one way or another. tada.

Wings of Pain

A breif scene in a larger story. A winged elf paladin, Ianicus, has been captured by the Black Prince and is not being tortured in order to draw in his traveling companion, the wood elf Arenan.

Mal'Gavan (Part 4)

Part 4 of Mal'Gavan's story. A tragedy is revealed and a new one is begun. ~Enjoy!

Mal'Gavan, Part 3

*wince* Ok, I know I skipped over part 2. I'm writing that right now. Anyway, here's what has happened between Part 1 and now:Mal'Gavan, Emaras, Kemian, and Armanto have completed their courses at Estuliad Academy and have all emerged accomplished in their field. Mal'Gavan elected to remain for a bit longer to study. Meanwhile, back at Lothoras, a dark elf disturbance caused Senetor Lothos to send out 100 of the cities fighters, 50 led by Emaras, 50 by Armanto. They went in two different directions, with one mage to communicate between the two parties. Emaras' group was ambushed, most killed in the inital combat. Now, only Kemain, Emaras, and a few other defenders stand against the dark elves. They are fighting for their lives when we enter.Enjoy!~Jennifer


This is one of the last scenes in a random story I am writing. I saw a picture on elfwood of two brothers and one was dying. Quickly, I scurried over to my handy dandy notebook and began writing. This is the product. I'll be posting earlier bits of the story later. Daen is a mage, and twin of Raneth. (no not identical) Raneth is headstrong, curious warrior and it is his actions that bring the two to this scene. Enjoy!

Mal'Gavan Part 1

Hmmm...*pokes at story with a pencil* I really need to work more on this. One of my friends asked if I could write a story about his role play character, his history. And voila. I've got most of the story planned but I just thought I'd put this out here to see what you guys thought.Oh by the way. Mal'Gavan is a mage. My friend wanted Kemian to be a rogue and Armanto to be a warrior, so that's why Kemian goes around climbing stuff and Armanto bears the brunt of the beating. :)

Tornadorn Chapter 3 (Part 2)

The second part of Chapter 3. Does Jalla's escape attempt work? What's next?I have my friends permission to write this and she has mine.

Tale of a Ranger (part 1)

I'm the friend who's been writing Tornadorn with Jennifer, and I put up a bit of a story I've writen, out of sheer boredom.

The Past (Part 2)

The second part of my D&D character's (and his friends) story. Yes, it is MUCH shorter than the first one.

The Past (Part1)

This started as a simple description of my D&D character, Scarper. I liked where it was going (plus I had nothing to do) so I continued it. Now, it's part of a story. The other characters are my friend's D&D character (Elinel), my sister's D&D character (Lyona), and a random NPC (Arogne). For this, Noreki=Dark Elf and Kalasani=wood elf. Scarper is half dark half wood elf, Elinel, Lyona, and Arogne are wood elves. I will probably post Scarper's story later...Enjoy! (sorry it's so long!)

Tornadorn Chapter 3 (Part 1)

The first part of Chapter 3 of Tornadorn. I have my friends permission to write these characters and she has mine.

Tornadorn Chapter 2

This is the next some-what-shorter part of the Tornadorn story. The dark elven city of Tornadorn was destroyed and the race, obliterated. Or was it? I have my friends permission to work on the story and she has mine.

Tornadorn Chapter 1

What starts as a house war results in the destruction of a whole race. Chapter 1 of many. I have my friend's permission to write this story and she has mine. (required by elfwood)