Queen of the Chaos

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Haley Franklin

'I know my name,and yet,I know not who I am. There is no memory of my past existence or of what I had done to deserve this misery. Even though I am alive, I feel like death..... Hate and pain are my companions,spite and despair my tormentors... I feel bound to this world with an immense burnden placed apon my soul,wherever it might be. I am merely a shell now....a pitiful doll without a soul to call her own.... My own discontent is devouring me like some fickle sickness,poisoning my thoughts and destroying my mind. I am truely alone now,though the others overwhelm me with their presence....in this repugnant darkness that clouds my eyes.These eyes,these wretched eyes and their uselessness. I am diguisted by my blindess and do affectionately desire to claw out these portals to my lost and forgotten soul,or where it once was. I lack my vision,but my mind does take its place. I see now,though not like everyone else. My new vision is distorted and rotting,just like this dust filled room that I am a prisoner of. I have no one to blame for my ill will,no one but myself. Their silent offspring with their silent minds care for me as if I was some helpless infant,dressing me with the utmost care,too afraid to even let their frail hands graze my flesh. They know of my repugnance of this hell and quiver when I raise my voice. I do not speak to them,those diquisting worms squallering in their twisted valor,and they do not speak to me,though for different reasons. They all know that this is my punishment for the repulsive sins of my past life. I tolerate it,even though I know not what I did or why I deserve such scornful treatment... I have heard their meak voices whispering in the corridor of what would become of them if they ever mention anything that could give me back my memories. I pity them and their weakness....'I apologize for the mass of text which is my pitiful attempt at writing part of Oni's story(cut from an entry in her journal after she was brought back to life).I painted this in oriental calligraphy,since I got a very nice new paint set,waaaaay better that my original one(brushes with finer tips).I am aware of some mistakes and anatomical mishaps,so just ignore pointing any of those out.I spent three hours on the painting,and one hour carving a new stamp.The stamp is the size of a grown woman's thumbnail,made out of nice chalk,which I carved my three signatures on with a two inch long safety pin.I now have a numb hand and a giant blister from doing so.But since this is the best calligraphy painting I've done so far,I guess the pain is worth it.( after making the stamp,I realised that the signatures were backwards,so I horizantally flipped the picture so the sigs are facing the right direction)

Published More than a year ago

Category Horror

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