Christel Scheja

May 2015: A long time ago, I stopped being active in Elfwood, but i hope I can change that. In the last years I neary stopped to draw, but as you can see, I will show you the one or other in the next time. For now I have uploaded one Story and two pictures - - - - I am from Germany, from the town Solingen near Cologne, which might be known in the world because of its quality knifes. Beginning with Star Wars, I am SF- and Fantasy-Fan for more than more than 25 years. Although I am writing mostly about own charakters and worlds, I always found my way back to fan fiction for Elfquest, Battlestar Galactica (old Series) and Star Wars. I write about Stargate Atlantis since 2007. A few weeks ago, Avatar - the last airbender was added. In writing I was impressed by the books of Ursula K. Le Guin, Anne Mc Caffrey, MarionZimmer-Bradley and Mercedes Lackey. I have published my stories in anthologies and fanzines for about 20 years, but I also saw the dream of every author come true: In the 1990ties my books "Katzenspuren" and "Das magische Erbe" were published by one of the bigger German editors.

Only One Word

After the flight from prison Hakoda has to decide, if he could trust the son of the firelord as easy as his son does. He watches, but then only one word balanced the scales. Set shortly after Episode 3.14/15 “The Boiling Rock”.