Fox and Lapheal - Finished!

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Jessica Schue

Well, shortly after making the initial scan of this picture as incomplete, I suddenly had the urge to finish it. I'm actually quite pleased with the way it turned out, considering I've had a few people at work ask me if it was done in crayon. ¬.¬ And before you ask, no, it wasn't. Although I do admit some parts (like the sky and grass) do look like they were done in crayon, but it's the texture of the paper and it wasn't intentional. Plus, the scanner didn't pick up some of the lighter shades of blue no matter how much I tried to fix it... It is my first truly finished picture done entirely in colored pencil (well, I did use some ball-point pen on one part - don't tell) so I am absolutely estatic! So, we have Fox down on the bottom -crying as usual- with her collar and chain, take a guess why... and yes, that is a lip-ring, all slaves have them. Pfft, as if you didn't know... ^.^ Lapheal is behind her, and I actually wanted him to look a bit more angry than he does, but I'm not complaining much, 'cause I'm kind of digging the shirtless look... If you were wondering what inspired the colors of the flag, they are Lapheal's House colors; red, black and gold, and in the back is his castle in Na'Kor, Tierannen. I also wanted to address something that a few people have emailed me about - No, they're not drow. Usually Drow have red eyes and stuff, darnit, they're Tierannen! Fox is from Ka'Lor and Lapheal is from Na'Kor, you can sort of tell because Fox's ears are pointy and Lapheal's are more rounded...pffttt...duh, that means they're from two different places, hello! (^.^ I make myself laugh.) Their relationship is a bit complicated, considering the both of them are well over 900 years old, and it's one of those love/hate, soap-opera inspiring things, so I suppose if you really want to know, you will just have to wait for me to complete my website for my new business, DeChath Art -coming soon- and that will have excerpts from their story. P.S. I love Lapheal! ^.^ Colored Pencils (and a bit of ball-point pen snuck in.)

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