Scott Given

I really enjoy the quiet time associated with drawing. It is a sort of meditative process, the rythm and flow of the graphite onto the page is calming. I am attracted to heavy contrast, which should be apparent in my work. I guess my style is realism, with emphasis on contrast and value. I like Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountainbiking, Art, Literature, Chess, Swimming, Sailing, Hiking, Favourite movies LOTR, Highlander, Conan, Harry Potter, Narnia, Excalabur, Macbeth (Polanski) DragonSlayer, Troy, Pan's Labrynth, Wizards, Fire and Ice, Favourite books Robert Jordan - David Eddings - Terry Brooks - Weiss & Hickman - Tolkien - Favourite music Enter the Haggis, Dropkick Murphys, The Real Mckenzies, The Pogues, Flogging Molly, The Tossers, The Briggs, Gaelic Storm, The Cranberries, Altan, Jethro Tull