Scott Maasen

I've been doing signature pictures for an online gaming group's bulletin board for some time now, and decided to hunker down and actually try to put out some actual art. I can't draw worth a darn so you'll have to excuse my use of computer models. I'd also like to make the cover for a book. I'd not charge for it, and I'd be willing to make it custom to how anyone would like. Only request would be that it would be an actual book that is printed and perhaps get a copy of it :) Hope offering here is okay, it would be a fun project and would be nice if someone in the Wyvern's Library section here needed a book cover. Please no offers to do work for anything even vaguely related to pornography. While I am rather fond of doing scantily clad females, I'm not interested in doing anything that I couldn't let the kids see. Feb. 9th, 2003. Updated a few pictures at my personal gallery and have been adding pictures about as soon as they process the tickets. It's truly painfull sometimes shrinking these down to 700 pixels, be sure to check the larger versions out at my personal site.