Some say that life is too short not to stop and smell the roses. I'm all in favor of smelling the roses, but who says you have to stop to do it? Life is a whirlwind of images, sounds, tastes and experiences. I choose to immerse myself in all of them. Ironically, though, I am most consciously aware of these things not when I am amongst them...but rather when I am sequestered away in my own creative moments. When I take up pencil and paper I become suddenly cognizant of everything I thought I missed throughout the day. This is not a special talent of mine, but rather an innate gift all humans possess that I have merely learned to recognize. Look for it within yourself and find that place where the lines between imagination and immutable reality blur. That is where the beginnings of truly great art reside. -SCR UPDATE 9/05: Wow...nothing like reading one's own flowery words from years ago for a reality check. I've lost touch with that side of myself lately, and I'm trying to get it back. I have been picking up the pencil again lately, after well over a year of drawing almost nothing. Its nice to come back to this fantastic community. There is little better inspiration than the company of those that share your passion for something so dear. ON THE USE OF MY ARTWORK: I believe an open and free community, particularly when it comes to the art field. My work is available for use by anyone that wishes to use it, so long as it isn't for commercial purposes. I would still like to be the only one able to make money on my work (I made it, after all). But if you like my work, I'd be honored to think it is worthy of your role-playing game, desktop, non-profit website, or whatever. All that I ask is for proper credit where it is being used, and link back to this Elfwood gallery if at all possible. I also wouldn't mind an email or a message here telling me where its being used if on the internet...seeing my art on other sites just strokes my ego.