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S. Gyory

She's a mermaid. (Duh.) My first real computer colored picture (that I somewhat like). It's the same mermaid from the poor excuse of a poetry journal cover, but with a new face. Her body is so petite that it annoys me. Photoshop 6.0, methinks.

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Greyscale (poem)

Yes, I spell grey and colour the British way, the latter only recently. ^.~ Wrote this while waiting for a ride, although I had had the idea for awhile. It's only slightly reminiscent of 'Untitled...' Tell me if the last stanza doesn't fit...

A lil' Myth

Right.. This was an English extra credit assignment, which I only did because I had an idea... It went sort of satirical, and we were given nineteen words to use. I have them underlined because I don't think I shall ever use them again, except mayhaps 'sobriquet.' My goddess's nickname sounds like that of a back-up singer, by the way. xD

The Most Normal Dwarf

Umm... This is just something I came up with in response to my own question, 'Why can't stories be about normal people?' It kind of ran away from its muzzle long ago....

A Brief History of Wands

Okay. Just don't ask. I realize it's not funny, and I have NO IDEA where it came from. He.. he... *nervous laughter*

The Little Witchling

This is the story of Little Layene... I designed it originally as a Prologue to something else, but, here it is alone.

Lione- Chapter One

Right... I wrote this on winter break. It took me rather long to get around to typing it.. I have the whole plot laid out in my head.. Scary... ^.^


'I see,' said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and saw. That has nothing to do with this story. But I do like the quote. This is one of those stories that's been sitting in my head collecting dust. I'm realy bad at ending stories, and I'm been writing and thinking in vignettes lately (ooo, French). I tried a slightly different style, because I was writing in first-person, as a pompous man. It was a little hard to do, but I'm pretty happy with the overall result. You can't tell me no one's ever wondered how she got blind.. ;) And I'm really into writing mythological/history stuff right now, but I have trouble with names, so a lot of them hard the hard 'k' sound... I guess this is supposed to be an excerpt from some man's biography, who lives on Salmon Eyes.

Untitled (poem)

This poem just kind of came in one of those zoning-out moments... It's a little... sad... Nonetheless, enjoy.

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