Lauren Liebowitz

Hiiiiiii! It's about time I got a fanart gallery up here! I only draw, eh, a lot of fanart and stuff! MOST of my fanart, I think, is made of commissions. Fanfic commissions, especially. Sometimes I draw fanart of things I like so I can sell prints at conventions. Sometimes I just draw pictures of things I like because I want to. Lately I've been using waaaaaaay too much photoshop. No no, no more Photoshop! Fortunately I have a queue of several colored pencil commissions, which will get me back in practice of that. Also, if by some chance you are a person who has commissioned me in the past and you've stumbled across my gallery, and I might not have a scan of your fanart, send it to me! I like looking back on my old art, and keeping up with my new art, and all that good stuff. My favorite books are the Chronicles of Prydain, by Lloyd Alexander. I also like the Cat books by Joan Vinge. My favorite video game is Final Fantasy 6, and Locke and Celes are the best characters ever. Actually, I think Final Fantasy 9 is a better game (and I love Zidane because I love rogues). But I still love FF6. I also love Suikoden. My favorite comic book would either be Sandman or Strangers in Paradise. My all-time favorite movie is the NeverEnding Story, which is also one of my favorite books. I have a soft spot for Robin Hood and for myths. The picture on the left is me in kindergarten, dressed up as Taran from the Disney version of the Black Cauldron. I've been silly for a long time.