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Keya Paul

Well, isn't that a purty piccy? Yeah, right, whatever. Anyway, Syton's some half-demon half-elf assassin dude that actually works for the good guys. o.O What's up with that? Who knows, and who cares...well, he doesn't anyway.

Published More than a year ago

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Misery's Company 00

Bleh, feeling uncreative with the title... Anyway, this is probably the best story I've written in a long while. It was supposed to be a story of 2,000 words or less for a writing contest over at Elftown, but I liked it so much, I got carried away with it, and, well, it's turned into its own book now. I've written a rendition to this for the actual contest, which, I have to admit, is not remotely as good, but I'm very happy with this one. It looks long, but there's a few paragraphs you can just skip if you want because it's all description and background information. So,, what is it about... One Christmas Eve, an ancient, lovesick vampire mistakes Deirdra for a long-lost love. She believes him to be insane, and instead takes him on for Christmas, believing that no one, especially someone who is missing their love, should be alone on Christmas. This might have a tendency of being a full-length story...

Street Shadows: Chapter One

The first chapter of Street Shadows. Took me long enough yes, but I couldn't decide on how to start it out. Finally I chose one idea and stuck with it. A little rough here and there, a few grammer mistakes, but I'm still mostly satisfied with it in a whole. The Wraiths get introduced here as well as several of the main characters. Now, what is Street Shadows about? Well, I'm too lazy to describe it again, so go look on the Prologue. No vampires yet, sorry, not until the second chapter at the most.

Timing Out 00

Whee, look, new story! ^_^ Was bored beyond reason, so I thought up another story instead of thinking up the next chapter for Street Shadows! So, here 'tis. Goes a little slow yesh, but I'm trying to revise my writing technique, so here is a sample. Mainly about an average teenager that suddenly realizes the world is a whole lot bigger than she thought...Yesh, another girl main char, sos what...the title was created on a whim, ish very likely to change...

Miserys Company 01

Next chapter in Misery's Company. I haven't read over it in a year, so sry if it's weird. Please point out anything that might need working on and be as brash as you want as long as you're helpful.

The Hunter's Song

Well, I wouldn't have put this up here because poems aren't things I'm very good at, but I decided that it was good doesn't really seem like it fits in Wyvern but it goes with the Hunters in most of my other stories (not just Night of Magic, though at the moment it's the only one with Hunters in it)...I was trying to think up something a Hunter in my world would sing and came up with isn't the best but it's not the worse I've ever created...


One night, Daron finds himself walking down a corridor of windows. The place reminds him of a meseum, the attractions: strange, unnatural creatures with lifeless eyes gazing out behind their seperate window doors. But there is something hunting in that hallway of horrors. For those who enter the Hallway of Windows, never leave again... Written in almost one hour for a short horror story contest over at ET. The deadline was only a day or so away when I found out about it, so the person in charge extended it about two weeks. Thank you!

Night of Magic Part One

In the Wild Realm, magic has been gone from the land for five hundred years. But it is legend that magic would return on the Night of Magic, exactly five hundred years since the disappearance of magic...This is just a play around story that I decided to write one day. It's kind of the future of one of my other stories that I'm really serious about, so hope you like it! (This story got Mod's choice March 21, 2003! Sorry the icon isn't here anymore...I replaced this with a new upload and it...disappeared...*laughs*...)

Street Shadows Prologue

The prologue to a story/book/novel I'm writing called Street Shadows. This part won't make any sense to anyone unless you read the rest of the story and know the twists and turns. But, it's short, 'sweet', and very confusing. Now, the story Street Shadows is about a girl named Vincy (won't be introduced until the next chapter) who's the young leader of a street gang in a kinda futuristic world where most of the cities are divided and run by gangs and powerful crime lords. But, it seems humans are not the only creatures on the streets. The rest I'll tell later, but generally it's about gangs, vampires, demons, crime, and all that stuff in it. The story line is developing rather rapidly, so if you're interested, keep checking back.

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