James Ackerman

I am a 24 year old computer student living in South Carolina. I'm just a shy guy who has been wanting to post my work here at elfwood for a while. I have been a browser for years and always admired some of the great work I have seen. I just got out of a relationship and have been channeling some of the feelings into my artwork. We are still friends and she is a great person. I will have a lot more to work through so I hope I can keep coming up with new stuff. I don't think it will be a problem considering how much I cared for that girl. O well, I'll work it out somehow. I hope you enjoy my work and any criticism is welcome.**UPDATE** 1/12/05 Hey I just had a birthday, (born 1/1/1981) so I figured I'd go ahead and update. It took me a while though since there was a moderators holiday. Well, Christmas is over with and I still want to put up some new stuff. I am still single, working too much, taking karate, and trying to have fun whenever I can. My artwork still suffers from lack of space, time, and motivation. I've also had computer problems and just reformated my system. About the only project I have finished was a present for a good friend of mine that I didn't feel would be fair to post since it was more fan art than fantasy. Still, I feel I did an awesome job and my friend really loved it. I plan on coming up with more stuff based on the new D&D campaign I'm running so wish me luck and thanks for the support.