Lydia G. Richardson

Okay. Started this gallery out of a severe need to emulate anime. Unfortunately, the muses have a sick sense of humour so I have only two anime pieces out of the four. And the creative well has run dry because these are creations belonging to other people, and I find my fantasy gallery to be far more demanding in terms of sheer production value. So that gallery is better. Go look, and I'll pass out imaginary cookies to all of you at the end of the field trip.

Different Soil

I never named the main character. Nothing seemed to fit. Perhaps today you're feeling creative enough to help me out here. I don't really picture myself finishing this anytime soon.

Path of Keys

People seemed to enjoy my other poem, Guide, so I thought I'd try another. This one is far more structured, and I still refuse to rhyme.

Cro Nailo: Two

More of Cro's past. This became much easier to read as I trimmed it from six chapters to just a couple. I will have a revised edition in a few months.

Cro Nailo: One

The background of a character very dear to my heart; the one I put through the most crap... and tell her it's a character building excercise. Originally there was an introductory chapter and about three other chapters in between this one and the next. But it became easier to read the less convuoluted it was.

To Stranger

I think I'll continue this with the person who is reading it. Later. For now, a letter found under a rock in a small cupboard in a ruin. The sky is clear and gray.


This is a poem that is related to Different Soil, but is ambiguous enough to apply to many things.