Well, almost 4 years since I last put up a picture here. Shame on me! Anyway, that's not to say, I've given up drawing. I'm currently experimenting with using paint programs, and the results are nice. There are quite a few of those over at my homepage, so drop in there for more stuff. I thought redrawing some of the old pics might be fun, so I'll put some of these here. Probably even some new ones soon. Enjoy!! Given an open choice, I'd have probably taken up Arts as a fulltime subject. However, that's not to say I hate what I study, because I feel so...balanced, between the cold world of science and the enchanted world of art. Unfortunately, half of the time, I do not have people to comment on what I do (even nasty ones). What inspires me is the mere raw potential of the mind...what it creates, what it destroys. In the scale of things, I'm just another human struggling to break out of the grapples of stifling homogeneity and narrow specialisations to do all that I want to do. That, I guess, describes me perfectly. I'm currently writing a series of novels (hopefully) about my imagined world Fell Earth (Palad-dun). There are also some pictures to go with it. However, most of the pictures were done using poor-quality paper, since I was still experimenting then, so you'll find smudges and stuff. I'll try to retouch them if possible in the future. For now, enjoy!