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WHAT ?, HOLY CRAP, I MEAN I ACTUALLY FINISHED A COLORED IMAGE… Well you get the picture (literally, he he he). No but on the serious side, yes I finished one, and was very happy with the result (but the problem is that now that I’ve finally finished one all you people will expect me to do more and more and more until something totally random happens… like a giant explosively flatulent C.D. carp crushes me… or I just get seriously worn out, you can pick.) Story: Kie is a seven and a half foot tall super strong warrior who wealds a fullblade. He has experienced untold hardships in his past, from his mother being killed and ravaged in front of his eyes at the age of ten and that happening to his firs love Alicius as well at the age of fifteen, too his second love Selest (which is pretty amazing within itself, Considering he thought he would never love again after the fist one) sacrificing herself on the legendary sword Selesius so her soul could be adsorbed into it, thus Kie could use the great increase in power to defeat the warlord Borgon. But Kie’s personality is light hearted and relaxed, but this is simply artificial emotion to hide his immense sorrow within his heart, but because of this purposefully created personality (which is all but second nature now), it stops his sorrow from completely consuming himself. But when all this locked away emotion comes out (it’s usually caused by a very difficult battle or the like), It manifest itself in an immense berserker rage, in which Kie‘s super immense strength fully comes out and then he is seriously a major force to be reckoned with. He used to only care about himself (having been raised as a slave after the death of his mother and then the girl he loved Alisies is also murdered, he couldn’t help but come to the resolution that it was his tern to take what he wants, instead of everything being taken from him), But with the sacrifice of Selest, the mercenary warrior girl that saved his life, his ideals once again drastically changed. Selesius is the name of his sword, when it came to his possession, he hade to first prove himself worthy, then after the sword chose a worthy master, that could fulfil the legend, a link between the sword and the owner had to be made for the owner to be able to use the swords full legendary power. It hade to be so strong that both sword and master had to become became one in mind body and spirit, this was needed so to fulfil the legend that said that the wielder of this sword would become the greatest swordsman in existence. Half of kie’s soul was taken into the sword, but later on he found out that it wasn’t sufficient (this was because Kie didn’t put any true value within himself at that point in time and thus his soul wasn’t nearly strong enough to forge the link needed between himself and the sword) when he fought the warlord Borgon. Out of frustration he threw the sword away in the middle of the battle (He was losing miserably) because it was supposed to be this great legendary weapon he had been through hell and back to get (This was when he was a scumbag) and it was just as good as any other weapon. Selest however knew how to save Kie’s life. Another thing of great care and importance to the owner hade to be sacrificed to the sword to make the link stronger, so to save her loves life, she sacrificed herself to the sword by impaling herself through the chest and if it worked she would finally know if he truly did love her, which he’d been denying. The sword immediately flared with untold power, this obviously got Kie’s attention, but when he grasped the sword he felt as if he was holding Selest, then he realized what had happened, suddenly memories of his past resurfaced and he fell into an immense berserker rage and began to kick the royal crap out of Borgon. A few years later he returned to the place where Alicies had died where he saw her ghost, it had not been able to pass on to the after life because of the way she died. As she approached Kie was stunned to a motionless state, where she entered his sword to travel with him to fulfil his destiny. At that point Kie named the legendary sword Selesius after the two souls within it making the link Alisius and Selest, It is the closest thing in the world to him and now himself and sword Selesius are truly one the and can fulfil the legend foretold of the sword. He now lives tying to honour the memories of his lost loves (though now he is somewhat of a womaniser, a side affect from his past, and it would be difficult to nearly impossible for another to enter into his heart again) by living his life by his ideals, lending his great strength to those who are lacking and need help, punishing those who would abuse their own strength by persecuting people weaker than they (something that Kie was guilty of once, but it is because of that reason things like that infuriate him so much. I love contrasting contradictions in characters history ^_^) and to fulfil the old legend that deemed Kie worthy to wield the legendary Sulvanien true steel mercurial full blade “Selesius” the soul of the swordsman, which says that Kie must live to prove himself to be the greatest swordsman who ever lived.

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