Mercenary, Sen

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Shad brooks

A while ago I did a sketch of a mercenary. Now he is more fleshed out as a character and a drawing. His name is Sen, A result of an augmentation super soldier program based on the medical advances in . Sen was given the most advanced augmentation yet, as well as some successful other augmentations, but these were just to support the main one. It was a brain augmentation, a test and one of a kind. To make his mind function like a supercomputer. Able to calculate complex speed and trajectories in micro seconds gives Sen perfect aim even with inaccurate weapons or limited sight. His physical augmentations were for hyper speed, so his body could some what keep up with his mind.     Sen came to self realisation even with the mental conditioning programmed in him. He blew up the research facility that engineered him and killed all those who had contact with his experiment. Now he is truly one of a kind.     Breaking through the mental conditioning had an interesting result. He was programmed to feel no emotions, now the programming is gone and Sen has uncontrollable emotions, like it’s trying to make up for lost time. From laughing literally uncontrollably at why did the chicken cross the road to having his heart broken a thousand times because his hotdog dropped on the floor. Except when he fights, when this happens all emotion disappears.     He is a wanted criminal for many things. He fight against the corrupt factions of the government and does mercenary jobs that he likes on the side.  

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Category Science fiction

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