**UPDATED 05.17.03** Added one new piece, titled 'Tawny'. Okay, on to the Bio stuff: I'm 19 years old, and I'm insane. No, seriously, I'm not, although I act crazy sometimes. ^_^ And I looooove fantasy! (Gee, who knew? I mean, who would have thought that someone who has a page on Elfwood actually LIKES fantasy?!) I'm an artist (Another no-brainer). But did you know that I'm also a writer?? Yeah! I have a page on Wyvern Library! *see upper left-hand corner of page* ^_~ Did you also know that I do commissions? No, I bet you didn't. Well, if you're interested (please be interested! I need money!! Help me! I'm POOR!!!!), check out my homepage *again, see upper left-hand corner* and, on my page click on the link that says 'Commissions'. That'll give you aaaaall the information you need. Okay. That's enough info to warn people to stay away. *heheh* Toodles!