Barbora Urbankova

I'm twenty one, and still doodling knives around my life... With that little stupid heart that has been given to me. And, for the first time, beginning to fear death.Told you I have issues! I'm currently pretending to be working, an distrusting my own shadow. It says it loves me, but you can never know.And every heartbeat seems like a step in a minefield ~quoting *Val*~I'm addicted to animation, Kill Bill, rice, Michael Moore, Susan sto Helit, Rincewind, Deste, Danger, Lazopoulos, greek comedy serials,  and my new addiction: drawing elves (again) I want to believe I get better, but if I don't, I'll ask you to tell me. You're free to comment, say whatever, I'm not deleting anything, because hearing bad comments is a risk you have to take if you want to post your pictures to the public. That's my policy. If you don't like your work being critisized, then leave it at home! And, because, I'm *gooood*, and promised to advertise my friends, here, visit Marco's site, his CG pictures are really worth seeing. An of course, my dear 'digital mum', Nanna And some artists I admire :) The wonderfull Adele The idea-generator Kiki The one and only Watercolour Mistress Stephanie The Absolute Cg Godess Silvestris The Breathtaking Ruth Alice Duke, the 'texturizer' Tristan, the soul painter The Scary but Amazing Jesse Barbara, the wonder-maker This is NOT an artist, but it's so pweety you people have to see it! The Elfwood Mascot, Thomas's cat That's all folks! *The piggy hides* I like animation, rice, strange films, beer Favourite books terry prachett