I am a random 13-year-old girl who likes to eat cheese and play on my Wii. I love wolves, deamons, dragons, griffins, sea monsters and general fantasy creatures. I also like manga. *smacks random passer-by* YOU LIKE MANGA, DON'T CHA?Random passer-by: *rubbing head* Uh... yeah, sure, whatever... *walks off muttering something about revenge*I have found a new hobby. CHINESE LION DANCING! *Grabs head and begins to dance*I should put a countdown to Expo here, but I can't be bothered to go get my planner and check how long it is....I'm done. I like Manga (NARUTARD FOR LIFE xD), anime, animals, fantasy, furry stuff, Expos, defying reverse psychology. Favourite movies Naruto: Clash of Ninja in the Land of Snow < I'm obssessed, I know. TOKIO HOTEL! FOREVER SACRED!