Spiros Kourtakis

I was born in island Crete of Greece on 22nd July 1970. I finished high school in Crete and I moved to Athens to study Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. In 1995  I finished my military service as First Lieutenant. Now I work as Technical Manager in a shipping company in Athens. I am married with Helen since 2004. I love to draw and I am self-educated basically from Internet and tutorial books. I use pencils and Photoshop with photo reference.I love Fantasy Art and everything about Fantasy.Up the Hummers and may the Lords Of Light to be with you. I like Bikes, Bow, Guitar, RPG, Movie collection, Comic Collection and drawing. Favourite movies LOTR, 300, Beowulf, Pan's Labyrinth, Earthsea, Conan Favourite books LOTR, Dragonlance series, Dark Elf series, every book and comic about Conan. Favourite music Heavy Metal and Classic Music