Katie Anderson

Well. You can tell I haven't been on here for donkey's years. I couldn't even remember how to log in! And then, I realised, that the login I knew didn't even freaking exist anymore! How to freak me out. And then I had forgotten my password and then it's like, 'How the heck do you USE this place?!' Argh, really, guys and gals, don't neglect your account. It doesn't pay off. Now I gotta go on a learning curve and feel like a newbie all over again. It sucks. The new Elfwood kicks butt though, w00t!OMG, how to I upload stuff?!!! I feel like a crusty old spinster left behind in the dark ages. Eeeeeeeeeeek! Heeelp! *Spots 'The Extranet' Button and thinks, 'I'm so blind, so dumb. Moron!' *Trots off happily*Anyway, as you may have noticed, new text... new Pics? Nopes... BUT! I am planning to. Just been so busy/tired/stress. I promise you people, new stuff shall arrive. Muhahah. Keep yours peeps open for it. Might take a while, I'm really rusty and haven't drawn for 18 months. That means you start stuff and kill it by accident by screwing it up. Nice. Anyways, yes. There shall be some new shiny things.I REALLY like constructive comments. I make an effort to reply to all comments as a thank you. Sometimes I forget though. Or I'm too tired or busy. Don't hate me! Some info; I'm an 22 (a mere few weeks off 23 in March *tries not to hyperventilate) year old Catholic woman  from wee ol' England. I do art trades, requests, collaborations and commissions, email me or leave a MSG with a contact. All work is obviously COPYRIGHTED TO ME! I don't mind you using it for things like avatars and stuff like that, but not on commercial sites, or to make money off it. Using it for RPG's etc is fine. Please give credit where it is due! Links: Iseult Please go and visit her gallery and comment. She's my best friend and a very talented writer, actor and drawer!I really need to find some darned good artists who are a little more hidden, but here's the classics! Stephanie William Li Bernice    Favourite music 2