Rachel Sargent

--my favorie artist is Jessica Peffer. She has a website neondragonart.com. Shes really good!!--I draw only when i really feel the need to jot down an idea and thats every now and then but since ive been doing that for a while i have a few drawings to share with the rset of the world.--I love to talk so feel free to try and find me on my facebook or myspace :]--The only thing that really affects my life is music so i CAN NOT wait to get a guitar. I listen to music 24/7 round the clock. I can be giddy and so energetic when im with my friends. I drink Monster and red bull a so that explains a whole lot :SD ahahahaha lolĀ  I like fishing, DRAWING DUH, designing, and soon to be playing guitar :] Favourite movies none Favourite books ew books!! Favourite music John Mayer, Linkin Park, Soulja Boy, Wyclef Jean, Three Days Grace, Boys Like Girls, Metro Station, Big Boi, 50 Cent, Left Hand Daisy, Nickleback, Finger Eleven, Rob Thomas, Owl City, Good Charlotte, Chevlle, Counting Crows, Flyleaf, H.I.M, Fall Out Boy, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, SO MUCH MORE