Emma Wahrenberg

Hey :) I`m Emma, and this is my second elfwood user. On this one I will put up my pictures.My main account is Shadowoffantasy, please check it out if you want to read my stories ^^ I like writing, drawing, tv games, internet, roleplaying Favourite movies LOTR, Underworld, Game of Thrones. Favourite books everything written by Tolkien, most books written by Terry Pratchett and James Barclay. Also, I love Robert Jordan, Nick Perumov, Philip Pullman and the Volstov/Ke-Han books. Favourite music Metal. Fave bands are Bal-Sagoth, Finntroll and a few others.

The Witch and the Cursed Sword Chapter 3

The third Chapter of The Witch and the Cursed Sword :)

Evil Mages Chapter 4

The 4th chapter of the story Evil Mages. Hope you like it :)

The Witch and the Cursed Sword: Chapter 2

This is the second part of the Witch/Cursed sword-story, edited and done. ^^ Hope ya like it.

The Witch and the Cursed Sword: Chapter 1

I'm writing this story as a sort of experiment :P I know it might seem pretty cliché, and I don't know if I like it that much, but I will try to make it more original later on. I haven't planned anything for the story, I just get the ideas as I write, and usually it gets kind of lame when I write that way, but oh well... please check this out anyway, and leave me some critique and stuff, even if it's bad critique :) also, if you've got some advice, please let me know ;) Thanks...And I wrote this in about an hour, so maybe rewriting is needed, I don't know xDAnyway, it's about a witch who stole a very special sword from the Demons (check the prologue) and the Deoms very badly want it back...

The Witch and The Cursed sword: Prologue

So, I wanted something to write while being very bored :) This is the prologue for a story I came up with real quick, and I will work with it a little while taking a pause from my other unfinished projects.It's about a wich, a cursed sword, some demons and other creatures (including a human)... and that's about all I'm going to say, for now.

Evil Mages: Chapter 3

Evil Mages, the third chapter, which took a little longer to write than the previous ones, and I dont know if its as good as i wanted it to be... hope you like it, anyway.

Silver Staff part 6

Silver Staff, the 6th part.

Evil Mages Chapter 2

The second chapter of the story about the evil mages and the two children trying to fight them.

Silver Staff part 5

Siler Staff - The fifth part...

Evil Mages Chapter 1

The first part of a story I wrote in less than 10 minutes because I was bored. At first, I wanted it to be a story about the war between humans and fox-humans, but it became a story about the war between humans and mages...

Silver Staff part 4

silver staff part 4...

Silver Staff Part 3

The third part...

Silver Staff part 2

Silver Staff, the second part....

Silver Staff (Part 1)

About a young prince named Rey who wants to take the throne from his father and rule the kingdom, but to do that he needs the Silver Staff, and it is placed somewhere on an ilsland far away. He travels togehter with a Shadow he tamed, and the journey is going to be very long and dangerous. But Rey has always been a selfish and evil boy, and only people worhty the throne can touch the Silver Staff. Will he really be able to do it with the help of the people he meets on the way, or is it impossible for him?