J. 'Gone!' Flynn

I'm leaving Elfwood. Yep. You heard that right. Going. Going, gone! My gallery will remain up here for those who still enjoy looking at it, but I've joined the DeviantArt movement and found it much more to my liking. I've been a member of Elfwood since before there were all these restrictions, tickets and things, when they shut the place down because of some stupid people. I remember all of that. I was only twelve, but I remember it. However, I've no longer got the patience nor the want to deal with all of the ticket buisiness, or the lack of constructive comments on my page. Sorry, but I'm leaving. Maybe someday I'll come back. Maybe not. Who knows? If they ever change things back to the way they were, I'll consider it. Until then, you can find my new artwork: here. It really has been fun, and I'm going to miss everyone who's been so very kind to me over the past few years. I really don't want to leave, but this place isn't what it used to be anymore, and that is what truely saddens me. God bless, and take care. -Jen. I (still) owe an incredible debt to an incredible amount of people, including my family (extended, adopted or otherwise), my friends and my music directors over the past four years. (Mr. Adams, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Hannah, Mr. Nelson and Ms. Lori Thomas.) This page will remain as a memorial for my piano teacher, Karen Criswell, who taught me most of everything I know. You are all the people who inspired me to become what I am today, for better or for worse. Links to people I love to ikkle, ikkle pieces. /i> Linda Gock Erin Nagy! Karasu-chan! Petra! Jimmy Segerstedt! Reindalf Falconwyng Samantha Hughton. Mark Lin Updates: Gone for good. No updates until further notice.