Storm Blakley

I've always loved poetry, and pretty much all writing.  I tend towards the darker side of fantasy, such as lycanthropes, demons, vampires, dragons, and pheonyxes.  My literary idols are Edgar Allan Poe (of course), Anne Rice, and Milton.  My two passions are writing and music, and at times I merge the two, with various results.  My dream is to do both for a living, but everyone knows how hard that is ;).  There is almost always some great tragedy that has occurred or is occurring to my characters; it makes for better, more meaningful tales, in my experience.  It's only then we can get to know them, watch them learn and grow, share their experiences.  My writing does tend to be fairly dark, with influences by the above three.  Sometimes I scare myself, but that's half the fun of it.  Enjoy! I like travelling, reading, writing, music Favourite movies don't really watch tv... books are way more interesting Favourite books too many to list!!! Favourite music mostly everything, i'm open to all genres... my favourites are metal, classical and old rock ;)


one of my personal favorites, inspired by the life of someone i know, this one speaks for itself.

The Guardian Pt. 1: Initiation

this is currently in progress, so bear with me. i have it all planned from start to finish, but it's easier to think of a novel than it is to write one. the premise behind this is that she goes on a quest to gain her name, faces an evil and in order to save her tribe accepts the evil. she's turned into a vampire, and rejected by her people, and struggles to fulfil her destiny of protecting them even as they strike her name from their history and deny her. in this installment, Ryanavyn is given the highest honour she could ever recieve, and her destiny begins to unfold. a kar is a short, slender dagger with a slight curve at the tip. it leaves a distinctive slash mark, and is not meant for thrusting.


i wrote this a few years ago, and only just discovered it again. i have no idea where it was going, but i thought it could be fun to read. who knows, i might even revisit it and keep going.

For Honour, For Freedom

who can presume to judge another culture, another way of life? one has a certain point of view, a certain perspective, that is entirely biased, and cannot truly be changed. such misunderstandings are the root of great pain, especially when one group claims superiority. while inspired by many true events, this story is purely fiction. any similarities to any person, place or event is entirely coincidental. this is not a story of revenge. it is a story about liberation.

The Ways of Spirits

i've always wondered about the spitits and gods the ancients worshipped, and what became of them come the religions of christianity and science. i mean, they were very real before, so why are the gone now? is it because we only see what we want to see, or are they nourished and kept alive through our belief in them? i figured i had to write about it, and managed to tie in my love of celtic stories and roman/greek mythologies as well. i'm not too sure about the epilogue though... it may be better without it...

Last Days Pt. 1: The Rise Begins

this was inspired by Milton's 'Paradise Lost'. i always wondered what caused the favorite (Satan/Mephistopheles/million other names) to start a war. this is my take on it. i always figured he'd have a special hatred of Michael, who replaced him, so i'm looking forward to a showdown. i've always found thology fascinating, though i was raised atheist. its always seemed like a great tall tale, a war story, with villains, heroes and all the rest. i also decided to look from the other side, just for variety's sake. i don't know how this will turn out, but i hope it turns out well, because there's a hell of a story (no pun intended) and i can only hope to do it justice!

Dark Pheonyx Rising

'...though betrayed and murdered most foul, her spirit persevered, to once again wreak havoc upon those who decieved her...' i had a lot of fun with symbolism and imagery, and i think it turned out pretty good. i'd love to make a painting of this one.

Burned Tree

just another poem that came to me out of nowhere. it may even be the tree from 'inevitability', now that i think of it. who knows? the muse strikes when and how she wills. when i wrote it, we were discussing the ode in my lit class, so that definitely influenced it.

The Guardian Pt. 3: The Crucible

the blackest days continue and grow darker, the pain of the child she was deepened by further loss, and we meet the Phoenyx's nemeses. her training begins, though time is short. * a hira is similar to a small clarinet, and usually carved of wood, the sound twining gracefully with the wind and song of nature. that this one is carved of bone is itself unusual.


i have no idea where this came from. it wrote itself, one line at a time, through me over a period of about three weeks. i don't know the events leading up to this, nor what happened thereafter. all i know is that it means something different to everyone who reads it, and that's the dark beauty of it.


when i watch the news it seems like all i see is corrupt officials, politicians, and corporations, and sooner or later they disappear or get out of court on some technicality or another. so, this came out of it.

The Guardian Pt. 2: History Unfolds

the Phoenyx discovers the sacred place of the Warriors, receives gifts, and remembers the blackest days and all the agony, physical, psychological and emotional that came along with them and all but tore her apart.